About Outreach

Outreach Advertising Private Limited, formed in the year 2009 is a Guwahati based advertising organisation and a 360 degree marketing communications agency offering integrated multi discipline communication design solutions.
Outreach Advertising markets and operates more than 3,00,000+ sqft. of display area in the out-of-home advertising segment, largest in the entire North-East India. We are an award-winning and leading advertising agency with a promising media portfolio to offer ranging from traditional billboards, bus queue shelters, unipoles, gantry, foot-over-bridge, transit media, street furniture, etc. We have been serving the best of brands, the biggest of corporate houses and government sector successfully by offering them a host of services like corporate promotions, signage & fabrications, content creation, digital advertising along with various below the line activities like road shows, street play, events, etc.
Outreach is the first and only company from North East India to be a part of IOAA (Indian Outdoor Advertising Association). Outreach has been pioneering in bringing new age urban infrastructure initiatives in the region by introducing modern stainless steel built bus-queue shelters(BQS), Stainless Steel Litter Bins, E-Toilet, Unipole, Look Walkers, Eco-Friendly Pedal Ads, Modern Automated Traffic Signals, LED Digital Boards among others for the first time.

We are persistently expanding and upgrading our sites and services, with the aim to mark our presence pan-India.

Our Strenghts

  • A distinguished advertising and communications solutions agency operating in North East India.
  • Largest owned portfolio of OOH media assets in Assam & North East India.
  • In house team for fabrication, printing and installation that can work in shortest TAT.
  • A skilled team of expert and experienced advertising professionals
  • Each of our team members is well equipped to understand your requirement and provide you a customized service suited perfectly to your needs.
  • Along with outdoor advertising solutions, we provide printing, events, digital and content writing services under one roof.